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Richard’s Remedy Rocks


This product is incredible. I had been experiencing red rashes, very dry and itchy skin on my arms. I thought it was some kind of allergic reaction or sensitiveness so I just hoped it would go away on its own. After nearly two months of struggling with it, I got a hydrocortisone cream only to end up worse. Even so, this has none of the side effects of steroids, and works much better! The itch relief is very fast and lasts. With regular use, my eczema stays away, and my skin returned to normal. This is not greasy and has only a very mild and pleasant scent. I would highly recommend Richard's Remedy to anyone that suffers from eczema for instant gratification!  

Holli P. Cincinnati,Ohio




Hey Richard!


My feet are doing great! ​They are healed completely with the help of Richard's Remedy. Using your product made me change a lot of the products I use for health reasons. I now use Dr. Bonner's Peppermint soap, Tom's Fluoride free tooth paste, African soap, Aluminum free deodorant, and I use organic coconut oil on my skin when I get out of the shower. I also drink alkaline and distilled water to keep myself hydrated. Keeping hydrated is very important when you're trying to heal from psoriasis or eczema. I've also changed my diet. No more processed or fast food. Only fruit, vegetables, and quality meat. All of these changes on top of using your product has helped me heal my eczema. 


I've recommended your product to several people with different issues, so they can reap the healing benefits of your amazing product.


Michael C.

Kernersville, NC


Richard’s Remedy is not just a product. It’s an amazing healing tool for the people. I’m truly thankful for finding out about Richard’s Remedy. Following the instructions Richard gave me and changing some of my dietary habits, helped in healing my eczema.


After contacting Richard about his remedy, I did some research about the food I was eating. I realized I wasn’t drinking enough water, and the food choices I was making was not good for my health. So I made some changes by eliminating soda and sugary drinks, fast food, eating less meat, and junk food from my diet. I started drinking distilled and alkaline water, making healthy green smoothies, eating more organic fruits & vegetables, and salads. Basically, just being more conscious about what I was putting in my body. Making theses changes made a difference in my overall health and healing my eczema.


It wasn’t easy making these changes, but I was determined to be healthier and heal my body. Plus I stopped using fluoride based toothpaste, aluminum based antiperspirants, chemically laden soaps and shampoos. I know this seems drastic, but if you research the negative effects these chemical based products will have on your health, you will be shocked. These are some of the healthier products I use instead. Tom’s fluoride free toothpaste, Dr. Bronners liquid Peppermint soap, african soap, organic shea butter, & organic coconut oil.


Using Richard’s Remedy in conjunction with my new lifestyle changes helped to heal my eczema faster than normal. Originally we assumed the healing time would take five to six months. But it only took 3 months to heal completely. I was truly amazed. You can view the before and after pictures on Richard’s Remedy facebook page.


Michael C.

Kernersville, NC



I learned about Richard’s Remedy from a recommendation made in a comment section on a social network site. I was intrigued at the claims made about this product. So I found Richard’s site online and emailed him about the severe eczema I have on the top of my feet. Richard was very nice and sent me a sample of his product. I’ve been using the cream since 12/17/13 and my eczema is starting to clear up in different spot on my feet. So I purchased a container of Richard’s Remedy. I’m really amazed at the results so far. The cream seems to pull out the fluid from the affected area making the skin heal and start to smooth out. I use it twice a day per the instructions Richard gave me. Another month or two and I will be eczema free. I want to thank Richard for creating an amazing product that works! I will definately recommend it to my family, friends, and neighbors.


Michael C.

Kernersville, NC



 Dear Richard,
Your Richard's Remedy does ROCK!!!. What can I say, it's Fabulous, Awesome, Wonderful!!!!
I used it for my little girls and myself and it has cleared up their skin. I just ordered another one for us and I can't wait to see the results.
Thanks for your FAST shipping as well. I was so surprised it came yesterday after I got home from work. I wish you much success in all that you do.
Yahweh's Blessings to you,



  Dear Richard,

I have used your cream on two different issues, Poison ivy and Alopecia. When I started using it for the poison ivy my entire right arm was covered and very itchy. Within 3 days of treatment my poison ivy was 90% gone. And it was completely gone after 7 days. I also used your cream on a condition called Alopecia, which is a condition that causes small bald spots on your head and face.... After two month of use the small coin like spots that was on my face where the hair fell out was growing back. After four months my hair was 90% back in all the places where I applied the cream. Thank you, for a product that can multi task with such good result. Oh! I forgot, it also makes shaving pretty smooth.

David Clarkson



This product is SIMPLY AMAZING!!! I have been using RICHARD'S REMEDY for 10 weeks now and I honestly would say I can't live without it now. I apply about a dime sized portion along with my shaving cream before shaving. It has eliminated irritation and my razor bumps, and even those dark blemishes I have had for years. This is an awesome product and I would recommend it to EVERYONE!

Terance H. Bonner Sr.

William G. Kracht, DO


Subject: Resale of your cream




Your son sent me some samples of your remedy and directed me to your website. I am very pleased with the results of the samples and would like to carry your cream in our dispensary. Is this possible? If so, what sizes do you offer, what is the minimum order and wholesale prices? Thank you in advance for your attention in this matter. We look forward to using your remedy!


Dr. Kracht


"Richard's Remedy works Better & Heals Faster than Neosprin. Cold weather & water causes me to have a sore on my thumb that consistently opens every year that take forever to heal. Richard's Remedy closed the sore & dried it within two days. I'm a believer!!

Cathy Murrell

Hi Richard,

 I just wanted to thank you for the cream. It has helped my daughter completely. I had taken her to doctors and the Hospital about her eczema. They would give her cream that only made things worse. She would scratch her skin raw at night until she was bleeding.

So when I saw your add for this cream I thought well what could it hurt to try. So, I must tell you that I was truly amazed how well this cream worked and how fast. The first week it had completely dried her skin up. The second week she had no scares what so ever. I couldn’t even tell that she ever had eczema. That was six months ago and she is still eczema free.

 Thank you so much for giving my daughter her eczema free life


Saundra Stuart


Sorry it has taken so long to write regarding the cream I purchased from you a couple of years ago. I initially purchased this for my son who has eczema. I decided to also try cream for a rash around my neck I would always get when we vacationed in a warmer climate. The cream was very effective and gave me relief. My son did use the cream and did notice some improvement but was not consistent with the use. Thanks again and I always look forward to seeing you every year to purchase more cream at the Emancipation in Gallipolis.


Cheryl, New Hampshire (Sun Poison)


For years I have had a problem with “ashy” elbows, I wouldn’t even let
anyone comfortably touch my arms. I would even wear 1/4 sleeves so no one
would see them. I’ve tried tips from Tyra (using lard and wrapping with
socks at night), that didn’t work. I’ve tried millions of lotions, nothing
worked. Then I heard of this product called Richard’s Remedy. Richard
advised me it was like no other. He had almost promised me it was going to
work. I’ve tried everything else so I thought what I could lose. So the
directions are taking a little dab and rub it in, once in the morning and
once at night. I’m all about simplicity. It wasn’t oily and it didn’t
vanish into thin air the second I put it on. It was like my skin was
maintaining moisture because of Richard’s Remedy. Here I am 3 months later
with touchable and soft elbows! I love it! Thanks Richard!




Richards Remedy Cream

I am a mail carrier; I get extremely dry-cracked hands during the winter month. I’ve tried several creams, lotions, and oils. Richard gave me a sample of his cream when notice my hands, “Thank- You Richard, this stuff is Awesome’. I especially like how the cream has helped my cuticles. Thanks! Try his Remedy cream.

Robin- mail carrier


A few months ago, Richard gave us some of his cream to try. My husband, Tom has psoriasis on his hands and legs and I have a place on my head and elbow that the doctors do not know what it is. We have been using Richard’s Remedy Cream since January and the place on my head is almost gone and the one on my elbow that has been there since I was little is much smaller and lighter in color.


My husband hands look much better and the places on his legs are gone. Even the redness is gone. He is a diabetic and he has a hard time healing. The skin on his hands has quit cracking and is not as rough and scaling as before. He has used creams the doctor’s prescribed which did not work. Richard’s Remedy Cream has made a wonderful difference for the both of us.
If you have a skin problem and have tried the over the counter and prescription medicines and want something that will work, talk to Richard Holt.


“His cream works”!!!!


Cynthia – Ashland, Ky


To whom it may concern’ Richard’s Remedy works in many ways. I experience toe fungus, lighting the color of my toe nails do to nail polish: my daughter’s eczema and pet’s flea reaction or rash. Best result for fungus on toenail is after bath or shower. Thanks to this cream a few of my complications are easier to deal with.


Richard’s Remedy is recommended.


Janet – Ashland, KY


Dear Richard,


I have suffered with a rare type of psoriasis for several years. I have gone to many doctors, and the “cure” they prescribe only lasts for a few months, at most- after many months of using your product my hands are finally stable. You kept preaching to me to be patient, and your nagging has paid off! I still have a few minor setbacks, but they are usually caused by working in my garden! The product soon gets them back in shape. I am currently using the cream on the same problem on the bottom of my feet, and they are showing progress. Keep up the good work!


Kevin – Minford, Ohio


Hey! I just wanted to let you know that your cream worked wonderfully on my grandson’s eczema. He hasn’t had any skin irritations now for several months! I have also used this cream on mosquito/bug bites as well. I’m sure it’s going to be a blessing for many people in different ways! I look forward to future use of your product. Please advise me on how to obtain more of it, and when it goes on the market.




Beth – Ohio


Dear Richard,


My daughter, Emily has had six surgeries on her legs. She has several scars. We tried using Medermatos on the scar tissue. Richards Remedy was a miracle in a tube. It softened the scar tissue, and it has smoothed her skin. Her skin has better tone, and it is tighter around the area in which she was cut.


Steve – Columbus, Ohio


Richard, Sorry that I missed you the other day. I thought that I would take the time, to write you and say thank you for your product, it has worked wonders on my daughter’s eczema and psoriasis-after spending hundreds of dollars on medication that never worked. It was so nice to finally find something, that clear up her skin and help give her the confidence that she needs. Halli is doing wonderful, she thanks you. And as for myself, the problems that I have had on my face it is gone. The stuff is great. Again thank you for your product.


Julie – Ironton Ohio


Skeptical at first, but the results eliminated any
doubts. An allergic reaction accompanied by a nasty rash
(the result of contact with a yet to be determined plant in
my yard) was unfazed by my collection of known remedies.
Richard provided a sample and a day later the rash was
diminished. Thanks again Richard!


Dirk – Athalia, OH


My name is Susan and I have had psoriasis for 8 years. I have been to dermatologist and used several different types of cream from prescription and over the counter. I start using Richard’s Remedy Cream 2 times a day and 5 months later the psoriasis is completely gone from my right ankle and the rest had reduced in size


Susan – Russell, KY







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